Group Companies

The Companies in the Group are having multi-faceted goals and cater to different segments. Our products and services target the traditional exports and production lines as well as the newer and emerging technology related services.

We pledge to keep growing and adding new companies, businesses as well as increasing our market share and services in existing companies to add value to all related stakeholders. We aim to grow as a Group by leveraging our approach to fairness, partnership and joint working, not only in India but across the world as well.

SwiftMail Communications Limited

Founded in 1993, to cater to the emerging need of Telecom we are one of the oldest surviving and profitable IT Companies in India. Over the years we have built a strong base and caters to several thousand customers in different verticals of the economy including students, SOHO's, SME's, Large Organizations as well as Home Users.

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Ceequence Technologies Limited

Take your business to greater heights with Ceequence. In a world where only the finest survive, Ceequence's outsourcing experience combined with robust technology infrastructure, commitment to quality and customer satisfaction help ensure that you can venture forth in confidence and do what you do best, Business.

Ceequence is a business services firm whose mission is to assist companies deliver cost effective business performance. The firm specializes in healthcare administration and contact center business process management through strategic alliances. We have gained considerable knowledge and insights through our 10+ years experience working with various companies and industries.

Our Offerings Include

This company is having presence across the world in United States of America, United Kingdom and Australia.

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Swaksh Infratech Private Limited

This company was formed in 2012 and is a fully owned subsidiary of SwiftMail Communications Limited. Via this company we have targeted to provide hardware and software solutions to different industry verticals with an aim to provide end to end solutions in IT. Apart from this we are involved in providing infrastructure services like setup of wired solutions, laying fiber (Outdoor as well as indoor).

One of the aims of this Company is to give special Focus to the education segment and we are working on bring innovative and path breaking IT based solutions for education segment to empower the students of tomorrow.

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IOCEE Exports Limited

It's an FIEO award winning (Niryat Shree 1996-1997) company that was founded as a firm called Indian Overseas Corporation in 1955 by Mr. Bharat Lal Patwari. Over the years, he had single handedly built the exports business spanning across the world. In 1989 the firm was converted to IOCEE Exports Limited and the company has continued its focus on the Export business. Experienced for almost 7 decades, IOCEE has secured a strong position in the global market of knitted fabrics, cotton yarns, readymade garments and Food grain products.

The Company's traditional activity being manufacturing/trading of exports of cotton and synthetic yarn, ready-made garments, leather garments etc. Since activities began in 1990, the turnover of the company has been steadily increasing to reach almost INR 400 million. Since its conception it has gained the reputation of being one of the leading export houses in the country.
The Company expanded every year since its inception adding new fields. In the year 2001 the Company set up a Modern Unit for manufacturing Knitted fabrics which has already established its name as a quality manufacturer. Its products are attracting premiums compared to similar products in overseas markets. Since early 2002, the company has expanded its activities in the filed of exporting agro products and other commodities. In 2005 we have setup a fully function garment manufacturing unit in Tiruppur capable of giving an output of more than 25,000 per day output.

We produce T-shirts for men's, ladies and children. Our range of Apparels includes tops, leggings, tanktops, haulters, bikini tops, tracksuits, caps & sports wears etc. We also undertake orders for T-Shirts from corporate sector for sales promotion, gifts etc. with names, logos printed on them

Apart from this we export food grains like rice, wheat as well as other perishable food items like onion, ginger etc. and have over the past many decades exported motorbikes, tomato puree, Steel Re-bars, Pencils, other stationary items etc.

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Patwari Projects Private Limited

This is one of the oldest companies in the group. Originally known as Patwari Exports Private Limited, this Company was demerged of the original company with the goal to focus exclusively on the Real Estate Segment.

Apart from investing and developing real estate projects in and around Chennai, this company is also working with multiple other vendors and builders in Chennai wherein joint development of projects is being done. The Company invests in Construction projects under various secure and unsecured schemes and over the years has been hugely successful.

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IDC Technologies Private Limited

This company is in collaboration with IDC Technologies Australia and we offer training courses and training material for Technology careers. Via the training imparted by us the individuals are kept up-to-date and stay as productive as possible.

IDC Technologies Specializes in Technology Training

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Geological Technologies Limited

Geological Technologies Limited was formed in 1989 with a view to offer specialized oilfield services to the oil and natural gas industry in general and to Oil and Natural Gas Commission(ONGC), Oil India Limited(OIL) etc.

Almost immediately it was able to win a contract from ONGC for supply and operation of SSTT services, a service being offered by only 3 other companies in the world. Company has managed the oilfield at Dhokla, Gujarat for the JV of Larsen & Tubro. It has also supplied other highly technical equipment and down-hole CTU tools to ONGC and is presently in the process of finalizing orders for wire-line services and equipment's.

The vision was to offer these services locally thereby saving the country valuable foreign exchange outflow as these services were all being offered by International companies. At this point in time, an indegenisation program was in place by the Government to promote companies like ours.

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Milestones of the Group

  • Late Mr. M. L. Patwari founded the Patwari Group in 1955. This flagship company was called India Overseas Corporation with its core operation in Cotton yarn. Mr. B.L Patwari, Mr. Ram Gopal Patwari and Mr. I.L Patwari assisted him. The company soon expanded its operations to New Delhi, Bambay and Calkutta.
  • Reverse and start from 1955 onwards and downward.
  • The group brought a sick spinning mill in Hyderabad and turned it into a profit making company.
  • The Patwari group together with Mr. Anil Agarwal family forayed into cable and conductors manufacturing through take-over of Shamsher Sterling cables Ltd. And conversions of the partnership firm into Sterlite Cables Ltd. and later to Sterlite Industries Limited.
  • The group took over a sugar mill in Andhra Pradesh, Krilampudi Sugar Mills Ltd. In later years crushing capacity of this was increased from 700 TPD of cane to 1800 TPD. As value addition and better utilization of produced waste, an alcohol manufacturing facility was also added.
  • Mr. Ganesh Patwari and Mr. Sushil Patwari also joined the business and helped in the further growth of the group.
  • A garment-manufacturing unit in Madras was established in 1973 employing more than 500 workers.
  • Several new companies were setup to focus on multiple areas of businesses and have continued to grow over the years.
  • formation of Patwari Group.