As the Group is multi focused on various offerings catering to multiple different types of customers from basic home & So Ho clients to ones requiring management of large scale computing networks or ones requiring deployment of customized networks across multiple locations, we have open to key partnerships which would enhances our partners portfolio as well as bring the benefits of our solutions to clients anywhere in India or even out of India for certain services.

Our partnership oriented approach and flexibility to rapidly scale offerings to meet your business requirements enables us to work with you in defining your business requirements and performance metrics, make continuous improvement during operations and partner with you throughout the life of the initiative.

The partner program opens up a host of opportunities for you to expand your existing business and offer the Indian consumers the best of Communication, Software and Technology solutions.
We welcome you to build a relationship with us and work towards a mutually beneficial environment. We have exclusive and non-exclusive partnership models for City, State, Regional basis for a host of our solutions like:

Key Benefits of Program Partner Program Eligibility